Our Process

Our process is designed with you in mind. It is simple yet thorough.  It all starts with an initial meeting in order for us to get to know one another. We will ask basic questions in order to gain an understanding of what you expect from your financial advisor. Our commitment to you is that we will strive to exceed those expectations.

Once we have decided as a team that moving forward would be beneficial, and we can provide the guidance you desire, we will begin to create a long-term strategy. Every plan we create is customized to your needs, and built to achieve your specific goals. We look at the big picture concerning your finances with the purpose of enhancing your peace of mind by following these six steps:

  •      Establish and define the relationship
  •      Gather data including goals
  •      Analyze and evaluate your current financial situation
  •      Develop and present recommendations and/or alternatives
  •      Implement recommendations
  •      Monitor and adjust recommendations as needed

We look forward to starting this process with you and developing a long-lasting relationship.