Our Team

Our Team


It’s not enough to provide value to our clients; we want to be indispensable to them. That translates into our entire team doing what we can to help them achieve their aspirations and realize their potential. Our success depends, quite literally, on their success. That doctrine inspires our workplace environment as well.

BRS was founded on the belief that work does not have to be just a four-letter word. Each of us is free to choose where to invest our time and talent, and BRS is committed to maintaining an environment where we all feel we made the right choice when we joined the team. At BRS, we want our employees to look forward to their job every day, enjoy the people with whom they work and play, and delight in the journey.


Craig O. Brueckner, CFP®, AIF®

Senior Partner

Craig Brueckner most enjoys his job when he can help our clients pursue their financial goals and set themselves up well for the future. In the past year, he has helped three business clients retire as well as helping employees learn to value and take a deeper interest in their retirement accounts. It is satisfying for him to see these employees utilizing their accounts for long-term needs rather than a short-term fix to immediate wants. Many of Craig’s friends were his clients first. To him it’s the best of both worlds – he gets to help people, and through the process, makes some incredible friends.

Craig lives on a Fresno golf course with his wife, Jackie, of over 30 years. Their son, Jake, is a professor at the Los Angeles School of Recording and his wife, May (Angeles), is a talented recording artist. Their daughter, Sydney, works for a large advertising agency and is married to an awesome young man named Evan, who treats her like a queen. Craig and Jackie are eagerly awaiting promotion to grandparents (No pressure kids!). In the meantime, they enjoy road-trip vacations, golfing, and visiting their kids.


Brian S. Regier, CFP®, AIF®

Senior Partner

Brian Regier enjoys the relationships he has built with our clients; some he has worked with for over 25 years. He gets excited when discussing all the changes and events that happen over the years such as retirement, vacations, and grandchildren. He considers it a privilege when he gets to work with those client’s children as their financial advisor. Brian values finding resolutions to challenges his clients may face and partnering with them as they work to accomplish their financial goals. Brian appreciates working with a team he respects and that works hard to deliver the highest quality service possible.

Brian and his wife Stella have been married for over 20 years and have a son and a daughter, both who are active in sports throughout the year. Brian and Stella enjoy cheering them on at their games as well as dining out together and traveling. During the summer of 2022, they road tripped from California to Wyoming and enjoyed visiting several National Parks along the way. Brian is an avid runner, enjoying the mental and physical challenges that running brings. He has completed two full marathons in recent years with a 3.39 personal best.


Craig Sullivan, CFP®

Senior Partner

Craig Sullivan values connecting with people on a personal level – finding out what makes them tick. His goal is to help clients pursue their goals by assisting them in defining and evaluating their hopes. He also enjoys analyzing markets and individual businesses.

Craig is married to Connie and they have two adult children. He enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, playing tennis and going to the beach. He is a music aficionado and plays in a garage band in his spare time.


Jim Franz

Insurance Broker

Jim Franz values the relationships he has built with his clients as an insurance broker focusing on employee benefits. Jim finds the most satisfaction in his work when he can help clients obtain the best benefits to meet their needs. This includes assisting employers in designing their benefits package in the most cost-effective way while guiding employees to choose the plan best suited for their families.

Jim is a longtime resident of Fresno and is married to Melanie. They enjoy going to visit their adult children and their three grandchildren as well as serving in their church and community.

Lynda Webb, ACS, AIRC

Client Services Manager

Lynda Webb works closely with many of our group clients, ensuring the employee benefits offered meet their goals. She also oversees many of our office functions. She feels rewarded in knowing that we are helping protect employees and their families from high medical bills and preparing for retirement. She enjoys interacting with employees and meeting them in their place of work so that their day is not too disrupted. Lynda appreciates the trust new clients are placing with BRS which allows more employees to protect their futures.

Lynda is a lifelong Clovis girl. She and her husband, Ron, have three kiddos. Between triathlon, band, and academics, this family stays busy! When she is not running here or there, Lynda loves to bake with her daughters. She and Ron are involved in their church and their family served as missionaries in Peru for two years. Lynda believes that taking personal time off to spend with her family, husband and friends is extremely integral to personal and mental health and she has been able to do this at different times throughout the year.



Alisa Zimmerman

Senior Group Plan Service Associate

Alisa Zimmerman works closely with our group clients focusing on health plan renewals and managing benefit service requests. She is often struck by the role BRS plays in life’s big moments such as births, deaths, marriages, difficult diagnoses, and retirements. Alisa feels humbled to be included in both celebration and grief and to do what she can to make transitions easier for our clients. Seeing her team members connect with clients is a professional highlight of her job.

Alisa lives in downtown Fresno with two roommates. She serves with a neighborhood youth group and on her church’s women’s ministry board. She also is an avid reader and has traveled to England on a literary tour with 20 delightful strangers-turned-friends, exploring Oxford, Bath, and London, dubbing it “the trip of a lifetime.”


Cynthia Montoya

Client Services Associate

Cyndi Montoya often is the first face you see when you walk in our door and the voice you hear when you call our office. She works closely with the advisors and administers individual client accounts. Cyndi values the relationships she’s building with clients through her interactions with them and getting to know their personalities. She enjoys the diversification of her role, gaining knowledge and skill in multiple areas of the job.

Cyndi is married to Brandon and has three amazing children and an adorable grandson who was born in March of 2022. Her family enjoys camping and trips to the beach. Cyndi and Brandon can often be found on a golf course when the weather is nice or trying a new teppan yaki restaurant.

Lydia Padilla

Group Client Service Associate

Lydia Padilla handles day to day administration of our group health plans, walking employees through questions about plan options, enrollment, and claims. She can communicate in both English and Spanish. She believes every life has a purpose and has found hers working for a company that values their clients and employees. She is making an impact on people’s lives and being a part of that feels good.

At home, Lydia enjoys cooking for her family and making them do the dishes! Lydia’s hobbies include photography, plant collecting, professional nap taking (when she is off duty, of course), and attempting to play the drums. She also has a heart for ministry and outreach so her favorite group activity with BRS is our community giveback days.

Margarita Ovalle

Group Client Service Associate

Maggie Ovalle handles day to day administration of our group health plans, walking employees through questions about plan options, enrollment, and claims. She can communicate in both English and Spanish. She enjoys working with multicultural groups and building strong relationships with them. She values the quality service our office provides and the contribution she has made in developing that level of service.

Maggie has three grown children who are the best, most beautiful people in her life. She has two furry roommates, Tony and Poe. When she’s not spending time with her kids and pets, Maggie can be found doing community outreach with her church, trying a new recipe, or on a spontaneous trip to wherever a friend or family member says, “let’s go!”

Amy Verzosa

Project Manager

Amy Verzosa manages our 401(k) group client projects and assists clients and their employees with 401(k) inquiries and transactions. Keeping a variety of tasks moving forward to completion is her challenge and focus. She values the trust that clients place both on her and the office in guiding them through the processes necessary to achieve their goal.

Amy and her husband have been married for over 15 years. They both grew up in the Central Valley and call it home. Amy enjoys connecting with family and friends. In her spare time, she is typically baking something sweet, gardening when weather permits, or reading a magazine in a sunlit room.

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